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Have you ever wanted to sell your own products on Amazon? Do you sell on Ebay or sell products to friends and family? Do you want to build an online store?

Incredible Empire is all about helping you building your online store. This course shows your how to get started and takes you through step-by-step everything you need to selling your products on Amazon.


Course Summary


Module 1: Getting Started

This module shows you how to set-up your account on Amazon and pick your hot product to sell.

Action Steps

  1. Setting up your Amazon Account
  2. Finding a Hot Product
  3. Finding 3 Hot Keywords


Module 2: Dealing with Suppliers

Learn how to find suppliers and deal with them. Finding the right supplier is key to your business. Find out the dos and don’ts with dealing with suppliers.

Action Steps

  1. Find a supplier
  2. Order Samples
  3. Selecting a Supplier


Module 3: Getting Your Product Ready for Amazon

Before your product is shipped from your suppliers you need to prepare your store on Amazon. Set-up your product listing, shipping plan and prepare for Launch day.

Action Steps

  1. Create your product listing
  2. Create your shipping plan
  3. Prepare for Launch day
  4. Register your brand on Amazon


Module 4: Driving Customers to your product 1.0

Now you have your product you need to drive customers to your brand. Learn how to market your products and become a marketing pro.

Action Steps

  1. Creating a Facebook brand page
  2. Build your brand website
  3. Getting your first 20 reviews


Module 5: Get Customers Fast

You need customers period. With Amazon ads and discount promotions, learn the secrets of attracting new customers and inviting your existing customers to come back and buy again.

Action Steps

  1. Create your first Amazon sponsored ad
  2. Run an incredible promotion
  3. Connect with your customers with Email


Module 6: Running Your Online Business

Successful businesses are based on good habits. Now you’re up and running, you need to review your daily performance, optimise continuously, build a team and expand your customers.

Action Steps

  1. Reviewing your performance
  2. Optimise your product listing
  3. Listen and respond to your customers


Bonus Module: Expanding Your Business

You’ve done an incredible job to get this far. Now you need to expand your product range and expand your business

Action Steps

  1. Launch your 2nd product
  2. Launching on other platforms
  3. Finding distributors
  4. Partnering with other Sellers


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  • Avoid picking the wrong suppliers and learn how to get the best deals
  • Get access to secrets of finding customers fast for your product
  • Connect with like minded entrepreneurs and learn avoid some common mistakes of selling on Amazon
  • Complete weekly goals and get your questions answered fast


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